How to start Forex

To start forex you must need to know the below things

  • Forex Brokers Info
  • Platform MT4 or MT5
  • Market Watch
  • What is the ask and Bid Price in Forex?
  • Spread
  • What is Lot Size or Volume in Forex/FX?
  • What are Micro Lots?
  • What’s Standard Lot
  • What is Equity in Forex or Showing in MT4 and MT5
  • What is Margin in Forex Trading?
  • What is Leverage?
  • Margin Percentage
  • What is Stop Out in Forex? How account washed in Forex?

I will define each topic with examples. Forex Brokers Forex broker is a company you need to choose wisely before investing in the real market, It must be regulated, Trusted, easy payment method, etc, I added a section with the trusted broker on the home page that you can use once you got experience with the demo account.  

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